It is testiment to Lucie that more students have gone onto study a form of Sports Therapy in the last 2 years of her becoming a teacher. I first came into contact with Lucie during my Sports Massage lessons at Strode. I am now an aspiring Sports Therapist, Lucie was a successful role model to look up to, her lessons pushed me and other classmates to persue this career and join the SMA. Her teaching technique is easy to understand and confident, with her explanations clear and professional. She pushed me to be better, to go above and beyond to teach me to learn extra techniques that would later help me at University. She saw the potential in us all and any help we needed, Lucie was immediately at our side. I regularly see Lucie to have treatment on certain ailments and I honestly cannot fault her. As someone who is Powerlifting at an international level I would not be competing this well without the work Lucie has put into me. I couldn’t have had a better introduction into Sports Therapy without Lucie as my teacher.