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I’m a Musculoskeletal Podiatrist With 15 years experience in assessing & treating patients, I can help you understand why you are experiencing such problems with muscle, soft tissue and joints in your lower limbs.

Do you have pain in your feet, ankles or legs when you stand, or have increased pain on activity?

This is not normal and you shouldn’t put up with the pain, my job is to alleviate foot pain.

I see many overuse injuries, heel pain is the most common of these. There are many aggravating factors.

Understanding an individuals biomechanics (pattern of movement) is often the missing component in the rehabilitation.

Your feet are the foundation blocks of your body which uses your feet as the starting pivot during movement. Any pathologies at occur in the foot and ankle affect your movement every step, thousands of times a day. These pathologies or discrepancies can then have a leading effect of ankle, knee, hip and back pain.

Each appointment usually last 1 hour with video analysis of your gait. From here we can find the issue and treatment that works best for you. This includes the option to prescribe custom made orthotics on site. Treatment can also include stretches programmes, exercise programmes, shoe advice and lifestyle advice.

Please come with a selection of worn footwear and a pair of shorts. We assess the mobility of the joints and video the feet in action, either walking or running

Don’t ignore foot pain, and don’t suffer in silence! I am here to help you understand, and support your recovery.

To book in with Simon please call him directly to book an appointment on 07915659434