At our sports massage/injury clinics we will diagnose, treat and rehabilitate your pain so you can get on with normal life as quickly as possible. Within our medical team we have a Soft Tissue Therapist, Sports Therapists and a Podiatrist.

We also have a Holistic Therapist, beauty and gel nail extention artists as part of our Wellness and being team. We can find the right treatment and person for you whether you have pain or just need to relax or be pampered.

We use the most advance Soft Tissue techniques, body adjustments, mobilisations and Acupuncture to treat your pain. We prescribe rehabilitation exercises to enable you to return to full activity or go back to work as soon as possible.

Check out our team members to find out more about what pain conditions we treat.

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Are you looking to:

  • Become more mobile?
  • Reduce your pain? Reduce or come off pain medication?
  • Improve your sport performance? Get more gains from training?
  • Recover quicker from surgery? Advanced physio?
  • Get back to your sport after injury?
  • Improve posture? Keep getting a bad back at work?

Following injury you will experience pain, inflammation and immobility, you

may usually grab the pain killers and let it heal itself, or carry on with work
because we have busy lives. However this leaves the injury untreated fully and it is at high risk of occurring again which means more disruption to life. With my therapy you will get high quality treatment designed to change your bodies adaptation to injury and correct the fault that caused it in the first place. So it doesn’t happen again and again. This will make you stronger, less prone to injury and give you a better functioning body.

We are dedicated to providing high quality therapy with customer satisfaction. Visit our testimonial page to see what our clients think of their experience.

We work closely with NHS doctors for referrals if we think you need some further investigation during your treatments.