Treatment for Kidz ?


Here at the clinic we treat all ages from school children to the elderly.

Our clients are as young as 5 and as old as 93 whatever your age were here to help you ?

Why do children need treatment?

Well they’re constantly growing and this has a significant effect on the muscles. Heard of growing pains? It is actually a thing. As the bones grow, especially during a fast growth spurt, the muscles get pulled into tension. This tension causes pain in the muscles and the joints especially at night. If it goes on too long untreated it can become chronic, effecting later life and if they’re very active it can cause chronic inflammation and lead to these conditions;

Severs – juvenile heel pain. Excessive force through the heel during my adolescents, inflammation of the heel bone growth plate.

Osgood schlatters – juvenile patella tendinitis. This can lead to a painful bump on the knee where excessive bone growth is stimulated as the tendon attachment point on the shin bone has become inflamed.

Muscle pain– can occur in any muscle but mostly the legs. As the muscles are so tight they’re painful and cannot function properly without getting very tired. High risk of muscle tears. Restless legs at night.

Posture dysfunction– muscles that have been under too much strain or tension for a long time can cause their posture to change. Are they round shouldered? Slouchy? Have a strange curvature of the spine? Stand knock knee’d? Pigeon toed? Have head aches? Then get in touch we can straighten out the posture and reduce the risk of pain when they’re older.

We can offer massage and stretching to increase function of the body and allow the children and teenagers to continue sport safely.

Advise on a regular stretching routine and how to manage pain and prevent it in the future or when the next growth spurt occurs ?